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Mark Greenfield

Web Accessibility Officer - University at Buffalo


Higher education web professional, consultant, keynote speaker, future, educational technologist

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Mark Greenfield is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. He is an accomplished speaker who frequently presents at a wide range of higher education conferences and meetings where his thought provoking commentary on the impact of emerging technology on college campuses challenges audiences to rethink their basic assumptions about web communications.

Mark has worked at the University at Buffalo for 33 years. He has been a full time web professional for the past 22 years, currently serving as the campus Web Accessibility Officer. He began his career at UB as a supervisor for Instructional Technology Services where he played a significant role in integrating technology into the classroom. Mark has also served as a visiting instructor in UB’s former School of Informatics. His research interests include emerging technologies, the social web, the mobile web, the Millennial Generation and their use of technology, and the impact of globalization and technology on the academy.

Mark has been providing consulting services on all things web for 25 years to a wide variety of clients, primarily in higher education. He assists organizations in developing strategies that leverage the full potential of emerging web technologies. He is also the driving force behind the uwebd social network, a social network created for higher education web professionals to connect and collaborate; as well as strengthen relationships with peers across the globe.

Specialties: higher education web management, social media, web standards, usability, accessibility, user centered design, emerging technologies


Areas of Expertise

Web Accessibility
Web Design
Mobile Technology
Educational Technology
Web Usability
Higher Education

Industry Expertise

Social Media
IT Services/Consulting

Sample Talks

Higher Education Gets Flattened

Higher Education is getting flattened. "Flattened” comes from Tom Friedman’s book The World is Flat and is defined as, “when the impact of the Internet and globalization render an industry unrecognizable, and in many cases, obsolete.” Globalization 3.0, the arrival of the technically adept Millennial Generation, and the ongoing Communications Revolution has created a perfect storm that will forever change the college campus.

It’s the End of the Web as We Know It (And I Feel Fine!)

Examines the future direction of the web, the implications for higher education, and the new opportunities for communicating and providing services to all constituents.

Join the Conversation: Social Media in Higher Education

Provides an in-depth look at how higher educational institutions can leverage the full power and potential of social media

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Teams

Introduces the principles of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits and provides real-world examples of how they can improve the effectiveness of Web teams at both the personal and organizational levels.


CASE "Stellar Speaker" Designation

Created by CASE to “recognize presenters who are in the top echelon of all CASE faculty in the areas of subject matter knowledge, presentation skills and ability to respond to questions from the audience.”

Director of Web Services - University at Buffalo

Responsible for the overall management of Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (SVPAA) and select Provost’s Office Web sites. Responsibilities includes preparing strategic and operational plans, prioritizing and managing projects, supervision of the SVPAA Web Team, analyzing user feedback, and evaluating the effectiveness of sites based on departmental objectives

Board of Directors - Higher Education Web Professionals

2010 - 2015

Conference Chair - 2013 Higher Education Web Professionals Association Annual Conference


Conference chair for the 2013 Higher Education Web Professional Association Annual Conference. The conference was held in Buffalo New York with 750 attendees from 8 countries. Keynote speakers included Steve Wozniak and Scott Stratten


SUNY Cortland


  • HighEdWeb
  • Noel-Levitz
  • University at Buffalo


Event Appearances

It's the End of the Web as We Know It

CASE VI Annual Conference  Kansas City, Missouri


The Great Unbundling

2012 Higher Education Web Professionals Annual Conference  Buffalo, New York


Higher Education Gets Flattened

University Business Technology Conference  Orlando, Florida


Why the Web Matters (More Than You Think)

CASE IV Conference  Dallas, Texas


Best Practices in Web Evaluation

OmniUpdate Users Conference  Anaheim, California


Engaging the Millennials: Social Media in Higher Education

CASE Conference for Community College Advancement  San Diego, California


How a Social Intranet Can Save Higher Education

J. Boye Conference  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Social Media and Student Success

New York State CIO Conference   Rochester, New York


Managing the Convergence of Web Content, Social Media and Mobile Devices

Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education  Chicago, Illinois


Going Mobile: An Introduction to the Mobile Web

National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention  Denver, Colorado


It’s the End of the Web as We Know It (and I feel fine!)

Hobsons University Europe 2011   London, England


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  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader


1500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee
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