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Recognized speaker on expertise marketing, technology and innovation

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For marketers today the purchase process has increased in complexity. Today, audiences advance through a process known as the buyer’s journey” – the research and decision-making process that customers go through which progresses from awareness to evaluation and ultimately purchase.   Audiences have become far more sophisticated. Research clearly shows that expert content is setting the bar for relevance, credibility and attractiveness for every stage of the buyer journey. To address this, expert content is more important than ever.  The following 5 areas are influencing this shift.

  1. Buyers Have Shifted into Self-Serve Mode When Researching Purchases.  Approximately 67% of the buyer’s journey is complete prior to contacting a vendor (Source: Sirius Decisions).    The research continues to show that many buyers would sooner help themselves to content rather than speak to a salesperson, especially in the early stage of the buyer journey. Audiences are increasingly venturing online to do more of their own research to validate the buying decision. And they are digging deeper into content and are looking to see the people you have onboard to support their decision-making.
  2. The Buyer Journey is More Collaborative & Non-Linear Than Ever.  It is clear that the traditional linear sales funnel has disappeared. In B2B markets, buyers now engage with an average of 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Source: Forrester Research). They are now more likely to bounce around on a variety of sites.
  3. Experts are a Top Source of Influence in Purchase Behavior.   Research by the Information Technology Sales and Marketing Association (ITSMA) has consistently ranked subject-matter experts as a top source of information influencing purchase behavior in B2B, higher consideration purchases. In this new model, buyers validate the purchase decision by seeking out reliable information from trusted sources. Decisions such as what lawyer to choose; what IT platform to invest in or where to study for graduate school can be very positively influenced by expert content.
  4. The Buying Process is More Inclusive than Ever with Multiple Personas Playing a Part.  In addition to consulting industry peers on social media channels, buyers work with colleagues inside their organizations when making purchase decisions. Marketers and salespeople cannot be content with focusing on key decision-makers. If you aren’t known company-wide this will present challenges.
  5. Feeding the Search Engines The Right Content Matters More Than Ever.   According to a Google/Millward Brown study, 71% of business purchases begin with a non-branded search. These generic queries, are from people looking for product first, not for a specific brand or organization name. Huge improvements in organic search rank are possible once when your content is optimized to support the customer at all phases of the buyer journey. Expert content, in the form of articles, infographics, or videos, not only strengthens the trust relationship with your buyer, but also reinforces your value and expertise with search engines. you pay a little more attention to the information structure on your website and add assets such as multimedia content to expert profiles. Search engines continue to reward well developed expert content that has personal attribution with higher trust and authority rankings as it views this content as more relevant.

By definition, an expert is someone with comprehensive or authoritative knowledge in a particular area of study. While formal education and certifications are a starting point for expertise, many disciplines don’t have a set list of criteria to measure expertise against. There are many dimensions of expertise that relate not just to the working proficiency of an expert in their field but also to the degree of influence and authority they have earned within their profession or community of practice. Because of this, expertise is often looked at as a person’s cumulative training, skills, research, and experience.

What’s important to consider is all of the roles that the people in your organization can play. While many of these people have put in their 10,000 hours, not everyone is wired to speak on podiums or to the media. But they still hold incredible value – from the perspectives they can help you research and develop to the content they can help produce. Here are some of the key attributes to look for in assessing the various roles for your people as you formulate an expertise marketing plan:

  1. Authority: Has a reputation with an audience as a go-to source for perspectives
  2. Advocate: Demonstrates a commitment to a community of practice to help advance their field
  3. Educator: Teaches and inspires on the podium or in the classroom
  4. Author: Develops content to establish their reputation and reach a broader audience
  5. Researcher: Generates unique insights through their research or fieldwork
  6. Practitioner: Actively builds knowledge in a specific discipline or practice area by providing services
  7. Graduate: Has formal education or gained experience to achieve proficiency in a subject

Expertise marketing takes the best parts of thought leadership and makes it more inclusive, sustainable and agile. On top of this, expertise marketing incorporates human connections as a fundamental component of both the strategy and execution. It surfaces diverse expert perspectives, delivers authenticity and creates two-way conversations between you and your audiences. Most of all, it can easily be adapted as our environments change and new audience needs emerge.

The following chart highlights the main key differences:

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Peter’s work has been featured in publications such as Inc. Magazine and PRWeek and has won industry awards including a 2021 IABC Award and 2 CODiE Awards for "Best Content Marketing Solution" (2021 & 2018). With over 20 years of technology experience in corporate roles and venture backed startups, he has been at active as an operator, consultant and angel investor in markets such as media, telecom, healthcare, Internet services and SaaS software. He has spoken as a keynote/panelist at global conferences hosted by organizations including PRSA, Conference Board of Canada, Business Marketing Association and IABC. He holds an MBA from Queen’s University.

Professional Experience
SaaS Software, Information Services, Market/Product Research, Corporate Strategy, Channels/Alliances, Product Management, Brand Strategy/Architecture

Speaking Experience
US, Canada, Europe, Asia

European Community (United Kingdom) + Canadian Citizen (Received in 2000)


Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning
Angel Investing
Online Media
Software as A Service (Saas)
Thought Leadership
Business Model Innovation
Expertise Marketing

Industry Expertise

Management Consulting
Computer Software
Media - Online

Sample Talks

Conversations are the New Content: How to Position your Experts as Trusted Advisors to Build Reputation & Revenue

Research shows experts are a top source of trusted information for buyers. Strong evidence is now emerging that proves the value of making experts more approachable at the front end of the sales process. For example, IBM’s new “Expert Advice” program is generating thousands of leads by making key employees available for one on one phone calls with prospects for an informed, no pressure conversation. IBM also reports that conversion rates (from consultation to pipeline) are 400% higher than conventional marketing programs. What We'll Cover In This Session ---------------------------------------------- • Why expert conversations can work better than traditional content for high value sales prospects • How to identify, recruit and reward your experts to maximize your success • How to design and calculate the ROI for an Expert Advisory Program • Why a focus on experts can help you boost employee culture and drive corporate visibility and reputation

Why Experts Are Shaping the Future of Marketing (Keynote, Workshop or Webinar)

Research shows “experts” help you tell more compelling stories that build reputation and market visibility. That’s why organizations are turning to “Expertise Marketing” as a way to position their people as brand ambassadors. It’s a proven way to boost search rank, news coverage, speaking opportunities and customer leads. Join us to learn how leading organizations are showcasing their expertise to tell more compelling stories that engage audiences. Drawing from a rich variety of case studies, attendees will also be provided with a toolkit they can take back to the office to help them with a range of activities including expert assessment; content planning; storytelling; business case development and measurement. What you will Learn in this Session: • The best ways to better position your people as go-to “experts” to enrich your content and media pitches. • How to engage your experts and get them to help you develop better stories • How simple changes to your website can boost to massively boost visitor engagement and valuable market connections. • The 5 most important things that journalists are looking for when they seek out expert sources • How to better leverage breaking news and identify key topics that are more likely to engage users online and generate media coverage. • Ways to quickly measure ROI for your expertise marketing programs

"More Brains, Less Bots: Driving Reputation & Revenue with Expertise Marketing"

Trends such as the erosion of consumer trust and increasingly complex buyer journey are driving enterprises and institutions to rethink how they make their experts more approachable to key audiences as media sources, speakers and customer advisors. This session will outline how organizations can better engage their internal experts to competitively differentiate their brand and drive new revenues. We will also share key insights and data learned from working with top organizations in sectors such as corporate, healthcare, higher education and industry associations.

More Results...Less Drama: What Big Companies Can Learn from Startups

What can established companies learn from smaller, innovative firms about making innovation happen - faster, cheaper, better? In this workshop we look at how small startups take an idea, develop it, and ultimately create viable products and services that drive growth. The workshop provides examples of how startups use emerging systems such as lean startup, blue ocean strategy and customer value management and also includes case studies.

Marketing that Matters for Technology Entrepreneurs

Your big idea in a crowded market is worth nothing... until you figure out how to competitively differentiate your product and connect with a market that cares. This session will first focus on the unique marketing challenges faced by early stage technology companies. It will also provide attendees with proven and practical principles for visioning new products, breaking into a market and building a sustainable business venture.


2021 CODiE Award - Best Content Marketing Solution (Software Information Industry Association)


Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have recognized the best platforms in software, information and education technology. The CODiE Awards are the only peer-recognized program in the industry based on votes tabulated following a careful platform review/ . The CODiE Award win serves as strong market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

IABC Silver Quill Award


The IABC Heritage Region Silver Quill award is an exceptional distinction within the communication profession. Entries are evaluated on their own merit, not against each other. Each entry is evaluated by two communication professionals who follow IABC's seven-point global scale of excellence.

2018 CODiE Award - Best Content Marketing Solution (Software Information Industry Association)


Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have recognized the best platforms in software, information and education technology. The CODiE Awards are the only peer-recognized program in the industry based on votes tabulated following a careful platform review/ . The CODiE Award win serves as strong market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

2012 Industry Award Recipient - InfoCommerce Group & SIIA (Award of Excellence)


Winner of the Model of Excellence award by the InfoCommerce Group and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). InfoCommerce Group regularly scans the information services landscape to identify products that are pioneering or perfecting new business models, exhibit best practices or offer technological innovation. Those that are re-setting the standards for data excellence are named each year as Models of Excellence, based on content, innovation, utility, functionality, revenue.

Workshop Leader - Hacking Health


Hacking Health is a national organization dedicated to fostering collaboration between health and IT experts. Over 100 doctors and healthcare practitioners (VIP/administrators) as well as over 220 hackers gathered to develop solutions and show off their prototypes. With a focus on frontline clinicians who have identified opportunities for technology to improve the way we practice and deliver healthcare.

Big Brothers of Metropolitan Toronto

Volunteer Big Brother

Junior Achievement - Economics of Staying in School

Program Instructor


Queen's University

Masters, Business Administration


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Certificate (In Progress)

Strategy & Innovation

Ryerson University

Telecommunications Management

University of Toronto



Marilee Yorchak ,Executive Director,

Business Marketing Association (BMA - Colorado)

Peter came highly recommended to us by one of our sponsors in the Denver area. He spoke to our members at our monthly breakfast on the topic of "Making your Experts Visible as Thought Leaders to Drive Sales." The session was extremely well received. His talk was very informative and he held everyone's attention with a very engaging speaking style. I would highly recommend Peter as a speaker for your event.

Jo Ann Dizy ,Executive Director

AceTech Ontario

"Peter’s presentation on thought leadership was engaging and thought-provoking. He challenged all of us to re-evaluate our role as CEOs within our companies and to strongly consider the impact that this type of marketing can have on our businesses.”

Dr. Tony Redpath ,Director, Entrepreneurship 101 Program

MaRS Discovery District

Peter presented to the MaRS Entrepreneurship program for 8 years on topics ranging from strategy and marketing to building an investor pitch. He was hands down one of our best rated and viewed speakers online. Peter was there at the very start, helping us build one of the leading programs of its kind in the world with an international audience. Highly recommended !

Lucia Gavin ,Events Producer

Collision Conference Web Summit Events

"Fantastic keynote presentation in Toronto. Peter was a pleasure to work with."

Media Appearances

Collision Global Tech Conference

Collision & Web Summit Conferences 2019  online


Keynote Session - "More Brains, Less Bots: Driving Reputation & Revenue with Expertise Marketing"

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10 Minutes with ExpertFile: An Interview with Peter Evans of ExpertFile

Education Investor Magazine  print


Featured interview for magazine read by global investors focused on emerging technologies.

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Connecting Journalists with Knowledgeable, Responsive Sources

Associated Press  online


Interview with Jake Kreinberg from the Associated Press focusing on the partnership ExpertFile has with the AP to help newsrooms in the print, broadcast and digital media find credible sources.

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Dejero and ExpertFile Announce Partnership at NAB Show to Add Expert Directory Feature for Newsrooms

TV Technology  print


Dejero and ExpertFile formed a partnership to provide its global network of television broadcast clients using the Dejero Live+ Control platform with faster access to credible experts on over 30,000 topics. The initial launch was announced at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas.

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Associated Press Integrates ExpertFile Planner Platform

PR Week  print


Feature article on Associated Press partnership with ExpertFile to help journalists in over 15,000+ newsrooms get faster access to credible experts on over 30,000 topics.

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Event Appearances

Flipping the Funnel: How to Build a Trusted Advisor Program that Generates Expert Qualified Leads

Webinar Series  Webinar


"More Brains, Less Bots: Driving Reputation & Revenue with Expertise Marketing"

Collision 2019 Global Tech Conference - Keynote  Toronto, Ontario


Inside the Next Generation Newsroom - Joint Presentation & Case Study with the Associated Press

PRSA Health Academy  Washington, DC


Storytelling in the Age of Disinformation

Associated Press Customer Workshop  AP Bureau, Washington DC


Expertise Marketing for Institutions

University College London, Marketing Event  London, United Kingdom


Inside the Next Generation Newsroom - Joint Session with Associated Press

PRSA Corporate Communications Conference  New York City


Inside the Next Generation Newsroom - The New Rules for Communications

IABC Global Conference  Austin, Texas


Promoting Your Faculty to Newsrooms: Best Practices

SUNYCUAD (Annual SUNY Marketing Conference)  Tarrytown, New York


Thought Leadership to Drive Sales

BMA Colorado Chapter (Business Marketing Association) - Keynote  Denver, Colorado


"From Fail to Scale: Customer Value Design for Startups"

Action Startup Conference  McMaster University, DeGroote School of Business


CIO Innovation Workshop

Conference Board of Canada: CIO Council  Toronto


Innovation in Publishing Panel

Digital Book World 2013  New York, NY


Moving Ideas to Income in a Not So Flat World

Siftung Charite Conference (Sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation)  Berlin, Germany


Blue Ocean Strategy: Case Study Presentation

Blue Ocean Strategy Institute National Conference (Case Study & Panelist Discussion)  Toronto, Canada


From Thought Leader to Market Leader: Rising Above the Market Noise

Acetech CEO Quarterly Dinner (Keynote)  Toronto


Marketing for Researchers

Sick Children's Hospital Managers Workshop  Toronto, Canada


Business Plan Workshop

Hacking Health Conference 2012  Toronto


Introduction to Marketing & Strategy

MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 Series (Sponsored by CIBC)  Toronto, Canada


Investor Pitch Preparation - Workshop

Jolt Accelerator   Toronto


Essentials of a Killer Investor Pitch

AccelerateTO C100 Event  Toronto


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  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


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Media Distribution Partner

The Associated Press


ExpertFile and the AP signed a partnership agreement to enable journalists in over 15,000 newsrooms to find experts on over 30,000 topics. ExpertFile is the exclusive provider powering the Find Experts Feature in 3 global platforms provided by the Associated Press.

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Newsroom Distribution Partner (Broadcast Television)



Dejero and ExpertFile announced a new partnership at the NAB Show in Las Vegas to enhance broadcast newsroom access to expert sources. Expert contacts are accessible through Dejero’s Control management system from a web browser within the newsroom or in the field. Those experts who already use Dejero equipment or software can be connected directly to the news organization, making it simple to bring together reporter and expert, wherever they are in the world.

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MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 - Guest Lecturer (Marketing, Strategy & Investment Presentation)

Top rated lecturer for 8 straight years in Ent101 - one of the leading entrepreneurship programs provided to researchers and grad students who are looking to work in or found a science/tech venture . Hosted by the MaRS Discovery District., the program was started in 2005 and delivered weekly as a live session to 300+ students at the MaRS Center auditorium. The program also attracted a global following of thousands through its livestream webcast and MOOC. Also participated in the "Upstart Competition" which featured Ent101 program participants presenting their pitches to win $10,000 in prize money to help start their venture.

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