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National Puppy Day celebrates the joy and companionship that puppies bring into our lives, while also raising awareness about the importance of adoption and the welfare of our canine friends. This day is an opportunity to advocate for responsible pet ownership, highlight the plight of dogs in shelters, and encourage adoption over purchasing from breeders. With millions of homeless dogs worldwide, National Puppy Day also serves as a reminder of the human-animal bond and our responsibility to protect and care for pets. Key sub-topics include:

Adoption and Rescue Stories: Heartwarming tales of puppies finding their forever homes.

  • The Importance of Spaying and Neutering: How these practices help reduce the number of homeless pets.
  • Puppy Care and Training Tips: Expert advice on raising a healthy, well-behaved dog.
  • The Role of Pets in Mental Health: Exploring how pets contribute to emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Advocacy and Animal Welfare Legislation: Updates on laws and policies promoting the protection of dogs.
  • Celebrating the Bond Between Humans and Dogs: The myriad ways puppies enrich our lives and communities.

Connect with an Expert about Puppies and Pets

For journalists seeking research or insights for their coverage about National Puppy Day, here is a select list of experts from our database.

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Jennifer Applebaum

Assistant Professor · University of Florida

Meghan Herron

Clinical Associate Professor I College of Veterinary Medicine · The Ohio State University

Julie Levy

Distinguished Professor · University of Florida

Nicole Dorey

Lecturer · University of Florida

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