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In today's digital age where information spreads rapidly and misinformation can have profound consequences, International Fact Checking Day stands as a beacon of truth and accountability. This day matters to the public because it highlights the critical importance of discerning fact from fiction in an era where misinformation can sway public opinion, influence elections, and even endanger lives. The event emphasizes the role of media literacy and critical thinking in combating the spread of fake news, fostering a more informed society, and preserving the integrity of democratic discourse.

Story angles of interest to a broad audience may include:

  • The rise of misinformation in the digital age and its impact on society
  • Case studies of successful fact-checking initiatives and their effectiveness
  • The psychology behind why people believe and share misinformation
  • The role of social media platforms in amplifying false information and efforts to combat it
  • The challenges faced by journalists and fact-checkers in verifying information in real-time
  • Strategies for individuals to identify and avoid falling victim to fake news and misinformation campaigns.

Connect with an Expert about International Fact Checking Day

For journalists with questions or looking to cover International Fact Checking Day, misinformation and the importance of the truth, here is a select list of experts. To search our full list of experts visit

Gretchen Chapman

Professor and Department Head · Carnegie Mellon University

Jennifer Manegold, Ph.D.

Expert in organizational behavior · Florida Gulf Coast University

David Barrett, PhD

Professor of Political Science | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences · Villanova University

Michael Prietula

Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management · Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Nina Amir

Chief Inpiration Officer · Pure Spirit Creations

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