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The 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) holds immense significance for the public as it marks three-quarters of a century of collective defense, cooperation, and peacekeeping among member nations. This event matters as it symbolizes NATO's enduring commitment to safeguarding the freedom and security of its member states in an ever-changing global landscape.

As the world faces new security challenges, NATO's role in promoting stability, democracy, and international cooperation remains vital to ensuring peace and prosperity for generations to come.

Story angles of interest to a broad audience may include:

  • The historical context and founding principles of NATO
  • NATO's contributions to peacekeeping and crisis management operations
  • Evolving security threats and NATO's adaptation to meet modern challenges
  • NATO's partnerships with non-member states and international organizations
  • The role of NATO in addressing emerging security threats such as cyber warfare and terrorism
  • The future of NATO and the importance of transatlantic cooperation in an increasingly uncertain world.

Connect with an Expert about NATO

For journalists with questions or looking to cover the history, purpose and role the North Atlantic Treaty Organization plays on the global stage, here is a select list of experts.

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David R. Dorondo

Professor · Western Carolina University

Frank Costigliola, D.Phil.

Distinguished Professor, Department of History · University of Connecticut

Craig Albert, PhD

Professor of Political Science and Graduate Director of the Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies · Augusta University

Randall Stone

Professor of Political Science and Director of the Skalny Center for Polish & Central European Studies · University of Rochester

Glen Duerr, Ph.D.

Professor of International Studies · Cedarville University

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